About Us

Our goal is create new Orthodox Christian Education materials that can be used for church schools, Orthodox schools, or home schools.

Starting Over

This is a First Confession Program that can be used for grades 1-4. There are 10 complete lessons, which cover the concepts of sin, temptation, love and forgiveness, and the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confession. There is also a teacher’s guide that contains additional activities for each lesson. The teacher guide is sold separately. It is a very simple, easy to follow program that children will love.

Papa's Clock

This feast day book uses a story line to teach the feast days. It can be used for grades 1-5. The book includes the 12 major feast days of the Orthodox Church and Pascha. Children will love hearing about the characters, Jacob and Olivia, and their weekend with their grandfather, while gaining a deeper understanding of the feasts. There is a teacher guide which is sold separately.

Pennies Galore

An engaging story of a boy named Weebo and his best friend Willow. This book teaches money management and follows Weebo as he earns money and divides it into Giving, Saving, Seeding and Spending. This colorful, hardbound book is filled with fun illustrations and is told in a lively and rhyming manner. Make Pennies Galore a part of your child's library as well as your classroom to teach children about giving, serving, and tithing.

Luke and Anna Learn Confession and Communion

Follow friends Luke and Anna as they begin second grade and experience their first Confession in the Orthodox Church. Told in rhyme with 10 pages of colorful, eye-catching illustrations, they begin to understand the importance of preparing before Communion in this adorable picture book. Check out the back cover for ideas on how to enhance the story in your home and/or classroom. This is the first book in a series about the seven Sacraments.